A Visit at Unvarnished

What can you expect during your first visit to Unvarnished?

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted and checked-in by our guest coordinator and offered a beverage. Because we strictly adhere to our reservation schedules you’ll promptly be guided to your seat. Your nail specialist will present you with your sterilized tool packet so that you can verify the envelope is sealed and unbroken and that the color indicator window has darkened. Next, your nail specialist will don their gloves and cleanse your hands or feet using disinfecting foam and hot towels. After a brief examination and consultation, the service will commence.

At no point during your visit will you be pressured into having a discussion and your nail specialist will never interrupt your relaxation with frivolous chatter. Our employees conduct themselves as professionals at all times so you’ll never be subjected to personal questions, inappropriate or excessive conversation, or gossip. Our employees understand Unvarnished is their workplace (not a social club) and behave accordingly. Should you have any questions pertaining to the service, please ask! Our nail specialists love to educate our guests and will happily answer any inquiries you present to them. They also graciously accept direction (so long as your request doesn’t require them to work outside of their scope of practice).

When the nail care portion of your service is complete, if your service includes nail polish application, your chosen professional will present you with our color swatches. These swatches are designed to allow you to “try on” the polish colors by placing the swatch over your fingernail. While you review your options (and remove your car keys from your pockets or purse), your nail specialist will clear and disinfect their workspace.

After your service your nail specialist will escort you to the front desk where you can book your next appointment if you aren’t already on a standing appointment schedule. Thanks to our hassle-free check-out policy and no-tipping policy, your balance will have already been paid so there will be no need to settle the bill at the door (or risk smudging your beautiful manicure!). Speaking of your manicure, should you desire assistance with tricky tasks on your way out (opening your car door, fastening your seat belt, or putting your keys into your ignition), our employees are happy to help!

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