Daily Diabetic Foot Care Routine

Nearly a quarter of diabetics will develop foot complications. These complications can include vascular disease, which causes damage to the peripheral nerves. Often, this results in peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes a loss of sensation in the feet and toes, making it easy for a diabetic to potentially injure themselves without realizing it. As diabetics tend to be prone to infection, a simple cut, blister, or puncture wound could lead to an amputation, so it is very important to follow a daily foot care routine so any abnormalities can be detected and treated by a physician as soon as possible to ensure timely treatment and an optimal outcome. This daily foot care regimen should be followed twice a day.

Cleanse. Soak a clean washcloth in mild soap in warm (not hot) water. (Do not soak your feet in water, as water carries pathogens and may increase your risk of foot problems.) Wash your feet and ankles thoroughly, being sure to exfoliate any dead skin and debris accumulating between your toes and behind your ankles. Dry your feet thoroughly.

Sanitize. Spray your feet with a foot sanitizing spray in accordance with the directions.

Inspect. Look for any abnormalities or breaks in the skin (blisters, cuts, punctures, bruises, redness, skin irritation, etc.). Should you notice anything unusual, bandage it and monitor it closely. Do not hesitate to call your physician if the wound fails to heal properly or begins to worsen.

Protect. Your doctor can recommend a foot care cream or lotion for you to apply to your feet daily. Please use it in accordance with their directives. These products are extremely important as they keep your skin from fissuring. Fissures tend to occur in calloused areas (the heels or other high-pressure areas) and can serve as a very effective breeding ground for bacteria that cause serious infections.

Defend. Wear proper footwear. Orthopedic footwear isn’t what it used to be, with many manufacturers releasing shoes that are functional, comfortable, and stylish. Sneakers (while preferable) are no longer your only option. Now, even sandals are available with dense soles and other orthotic features.

Make it a treat. For some, daily foot care can seem like a chore. We recommend approaching it with a positive attitude by making your daily foot care a comforting, relaxing experience so it’s something you look forward to. Instead of a washcloth for cleansing, upgrade to hand towels and wrap your feet/legs before cleansing. Instead of ending your inspection with a quick moisturizer, perform a gentle massage on your calves to help increase circulation and get your blood flowing.

At Unvarnished, we prioritize client wellness above all else. We operate under the assumption that every person we service has some form of medical sensitivity as it is the only way to truly assure their safety.

While implement sterilization, foot sanitization and inspection is part of our standard service protocol, we are not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical disorder or abnormality. Should you require it, we will happily provide contact information for the local physicians we trust to take good care of you. In the meantime, please take time to care for yourself!

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