Are you tired of the industry “customs?” Salons are plagued with illegal and unethical business practices, causing the overwhelming majority of beauty professionals to be unwittingly exploited by their salon owners. Not at Unvarnished.

Lead by Tina Alberino (a notoriously fierce and vocal advocate for the employment rights of beauty professionals) Unvarnished offers qualified nail technicians a workplace free of typical labor abuses.

  • Guaranteed hourly compensation, plus commission performance bonuses.
  • W-2 Employee status. (No so-called “independent contractors” here. We contribute to our employees’ tax responsibility in accordance with federal law, so you’ll never be shocked with a surprise tax bill in April.)
  • Clear wage statements, and NO “product fees,” “redo fees,” “service charges,” or other illegal wage deductions.
  • All tools, products, uniforms, and marketing provided.
  • Comprehensive and fair job descriptions, employee handbooks, and employment covenants, approved by employee advocacy attorneys and worded in plain English.

To meet with management and arrange a tour, please email us today to schedule an appointment for an interview. Please dress professionally and bring your portfolio and resume. (Experience isn’t a prerequisite for hiring, but applicants who lack a resume will not be considered.)

We believe that salon professionals deserve better and that our salons can do better by them. At Unvarnished, we’re committed to leading by example, and creating the change we want to see in the industry. Our nail specialists serve our guests, but our management serves our nail specialists.

Nail Technician Job Description

At Unvarnished, nail technicians are required to perform manicures and pedicures in accordance with our service protocols, using the provided products and implements. Our nail specialists are expected to prepare their stations prior to each service and break them down afterwards by removing visible debris, disposing of trash, placing soiled towels into the hamper, disinfecting the surfaces, and pre-cleaning the used implements with soap and water.

That’s it. (Yes, really.)